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Deadly Trust

Deadly Trust - J.J. Cooper 3.5 stars

I loved JJ Cooper's first book "The Interrogator" when it was released a few years back, which introduced his protagonist Jay Ryan.

Locally set in Queensland and just over the NSW border in Byron Bay, "Deadly Trust" picks up about a year later from those escapades. Jay has healed and is enjoying a quiet life of surfing the northern NSW beaches when he is thrust back into the world of espionage and terrorism.

The opening chapter is a corker and the pace doesn't let up from there, with some of the characters from "The Interrogator" making a come-back appearance. However, that doesn't mean you have to read these books in order; "Deadly Trust" is a great standalone novel.

The only reason I've not given this four stars is because I found some of the plot explanations a little confusing and Jay seemed to take the harder route to solving the mystery on a couple of occasions. It is an action-packed thriller though, and one which leaves the door open to a US-based story in future.

Hopefully there's a third Jay Ryan thriller in the works.