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Every now and again, I take a breather from the high-octane thrillers I read and write and look for something that takes me out of my genre comfort zone.

"Outback Dreams" was my book of choice this time around, and I'm really glad I've discovered yet another Australian author who writes so convincingly about rural communities.

In Monty and Faith, Johns has created two very likeable characters, whose romance comes as a shock to both of them after being friends since childhood, especially when all too soon into the relationship, they are both confronted with choices which could tear them apart.

The story has a great pace to it, such that I was quite resentful about having to put the book down for any length of time and Johns also manages to ensure that her supporting cast add colour and nuance to the storyline.

If "Outback Dreams" is the start of a new trilogy about this fictional community, then I'm signing up for the next two books without hesitation.