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Whispers of a Storm

Whispers of a Storm - Anthony Lavisher I don’t usually read books which fall into the ‘fantasy’ genre so imagine my delight when I started reading Anthony Lavisher’s ‘Whispers of a Storm’ and found that it has all the hallmarks of an excellent thriller wrapped up in a world which is accessible to everyone.

Actually, anyone who enjoys historical fiction, crime, thrillers, action adventures – you should all be adding this to your “To Be Read” pile this year. In fact, put it on the top of the pile and read it next.

I’m not going to give anything away in this review, suffice to say that it is the first of what promises to be a very successful trilogy – so make sure you’re there at the beginning, not when book three is released and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

The two protagonists, Khadazin and Cassana, evolve over the course of ‘Whispers’ into truly likeable heroes. Unknown to each other, their lives are linked by fate – both thrust onto a path which reeks of political intrigue and treachery. The characters are believable, with each having traits which are at times both annoying and endearing – the reader really gets a sense of them maturing as the story unfolds.

The antagonists are suitably shadowy characters; puppeteers of the people around them, with a penchant for violence. A strong supporting cast completes the tale and I’m looking forward to watching the story develop.

Anthony describes the world of “Whispers” in such a way that you feel like you’re actually there. The fight scenes are realistic, and the chase scenes through the forests are incredible, leaving your heart racing as if you’ve just torn through the undergrowth yourself.

I read this on a Kindle, but will definitely be purchasing the paperback as this is a story I can see me wanting to return to again and again.

Five stars – and looking forward to the second book.