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The Tournament

The Tournament - Matthew Reilly I take my hat off to any writer who is brave enough to step out of their "comfort zone" and try something different.

Matthew Reilly has created a storyline in "The Tournament" which uses known historical reference points and then mixes in his own unique brand of thriller writing. The result is a plot full of intrigue, set amongst the lush backdrop of Constantinople in the 1500s during a chess tournament.

For those wondering, you don't have to know how to play chess to enjoy the book, as it is the characters around the tournament who will draw you into the story.

Sure, there are going to be detractors who say there are things here which aren't historically correct, but for those of us who just enjoy a good story which has its roots in historical fiction, this one ticks all the boxes.

Hope to see more standalone historical thrillers from Matthew Reilly in future...