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The Pyramid Legacy: For over four millennia the Great Pyramid of Giza has guarded a secret image; until NOW!

The Pyramid Legacy - Clive Eaton Clive Eaton's debut novel is a breakneck tale which manages to encompass the genres of thriller, adventure and science fiction in one tightly-written storyline.

I am not a sci-fi fan per se, but the book lends itself well to the genre without going overboard - the scenes are a necessary part of the storyline without detracting from the on-Earth action.

Right from the start, the characters are engaging, the descriptions of scenes just enough to allow the reader's own imagination to take flight, and the pace is electrifying.

I've already recommended this book to readers on my own website and will do the same here - set aside a couple of days and lose yourself in this great debut novel - you won't be disappointed.