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The Watchman

The Watchman - Robert Crais The Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series just get better and better - if you haven't read these before, do yourself a favour and start at the beginning with The Monkey's Raincoat. I've been reading the whole series on Kindle after discovering Robert Crais' books a couple of months ago. I've got no idea what I'm going to do when I get to the last one (only four books away) - I shall be in mourning!

The Watchman is the first book where Joe Pike takes the lead, and for those who are familiar with the characters, it doesn't disappoint. Despite Joe being a man of few words, his actions speak for themselves. Robert Crais is one of the few authors I've read that can move me to tears, get my heart racing or have me laughing out loud. The Watchman is a tightly told story, which keeps the pace up right through to the end.

Highly recommended.

Rachel Amphlett
Author of White Gold